EKA | CyberLock

GWM Water


Access Control Challenge

Water treatment facilities are uniquely difficult to secure. These facilities have such a diverse array of access control requirements such as main entrances, storage areas, office doors, gates, computer cabinets, padlocks and restricted chemical areas. A flexible system is needed that can integrate all these uses without sacrificing functionality or security.

Access Control Solution

GWM chose EKA CyberLock for its versatility, superior security features and ease of installation. Now each employee needs only one key to access any GWM lock they’ve been assigned access privileges. Security has improved as lost or stolen keys are now easily blocked. Since GWM installed EKA CyberLock at their water treatment plants, they have also rolled out the solution through their entire infrastructure. EKA CyberLock locks secure the entire Wimmera Mallee Pipeline system (facilities that span 250,000 square kilometres) while hundreds of locks are also installed in pump stations, switchboards, wastewater treatment plants and depot facilities.


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