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Securing the Roads & Traffic Industry

Securing the Roads & Traffic Industry

Roads & Traffic

How CyberLock Electronic Locks and Keys Represent the Best Solution for the Traffic Industry.

Securing intelligent transport systems (ITS) and traffic control boxes such as speed cameras, red light cameras, digital signs, traffic lights and other infrastructure can be extremely challenging and cost prohibitive. In fact, the roads and traffic industry face some similar security challenges to remote site access; both need a keying system that is reliable, can handle extreme weather conditions, and accountability on when and who has accessed the lock.

What needs to be secured?

Traffic control boxes and digital signs are expensive pieces of equipment that are essential to the safe and smooth operation of roads and motorways. Each traffic control box contains thousands of dollars in critical equipment, including networking devices, computers, expensive cabling and more. The security of this equipment is of the utmost importance.


Traffic control boxes not only control the flow of traffic, they also house equipment used to control operations of other public systems. With thousands of dollars in critical equipment inside, traffic boxes are attractive targets for thieves. Numerous detailed accounts shine light on the issue of theft in the traffic cabinet industry. Not only are traffic boxes subject to the theft of internal components, they are also subject to tampering. Whether malicious or not, tampering may create dangerous conditions for the public.


Roadside equipment is a frequent target of tampering, particularly speed monitors and digital signs. Messages displayed on digital signs are regularly altered by unauthorised individuals, with intentions ranging from helpful to malicious. A routine web search returns countless photographs and news stories illustrating unapproved changes to digital signs. Signs often get changed from important warnings to trivial messages or offensive language, depriving drivers of critical information. Not only is tampering potentially dangerous to motorists, it can be problematic for employees and engineers who service this equipment. Leaving their regular service route to resolve issues caused by tampering can delay scheduled maintenance.

EKA CyberLock over mechanical keying systems offers a superior range of benefits. The entire system is managed almost exactly in the same way as conventional access control utilising CyberLock Communicators and CyberKeys. Access privileges are customised to each user’s requirements through the CyberAudit Web management system and delivering a comprehensive audit trail of every process with over 527 different access events allowing administrators to produce hundreds of different types of reports. CyberKeys can be scheduled to open specific locks for a specific amount of time. If they are ever lost, the CyberKey effectively becomes paper weight and traffic systems are not compromised.




CK-BLUE3 & CyberAudit Mobile App

CyberLock cylinders install without expensive hardwiring and contain no battery to service or replace. The battery from a CyberKey energises the electronics within a CyberLock cylinder. Moreover, the standalone design of CyberLock cylinders means that secured access points are not susceptible to network or IoT attacks. The CyberKey Blue 3 is a rechargeable smart key that connects to users smart phone app and allows them to simultaneously download the latest access permissions of which locks they can access whilst providing the latest audit trail reporting through the app and through to the CyberAudit-Web management software which can be hosted in the cloud or on premise, thus providing virtual real time access control.

The Bluetooth capabilities in the CyberKey Blue 3 allow users to update permissions in the field, even if they are outside of cellular range.



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