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NEW CyberLock Blue Padlock

CyberLock Blue padlock delivers keyless access control with the reliability and precision demanded by critical infrastructure and high-security industries. The weather-resistant, IP68-rated design can be trusted to perform in the most unforgiving environments.

CyberLock Blue padlocks have a battery life of up to 2 years, depending on usage.
EL123 lithium battery can easily be replaced in the field.

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Advanced Keyless Security

Bluetooth 5.0 technology and CMAC-AES256 challenge-response authentication protects important assets against unauthorised access attempts.

Real-Time Control

Issue on-demand, mobile credentials to contractors, employees and authorised visitors using the Cyber Access app. Effectively respond to emergency situations by quickly modifying a user’s temporary or scheduled access from anywhere with an Internet connection.

Flexible Access Options

Select from multiple credential types to maximize the efficiency of each user. Send Cyber Access keyless credentials to Android and iOS devices via the Cyber Access app, or issue physical credentials like a FlashLock infrared fob or compatible smart key, such as the Blue 3, Air 2, or CyberKey Flash.

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