EKA | CyberLock



Communicators underpin the flexibility of EKA CyberLock.

Simple, instant key activation.

Communicators serve as the interface between CyberLock hardware and the CyberAudit management software.

Through a communicator, CyberKey information is downloaded into the software and new schedules and permissions are uploaded on the CyberKeys.

A variety of communicators are available to address individual facility and personnel needs. Communicators can be installed in locations that are easily accessible to your CyberKey holders such as an employee entrance, sign in desk or even a car park access point, making frequent

CyberKey expirations and access programming convenient for higher security.

A network of communicators (each communicator can be given an IP address) allows users to validate their CyberKeys without returning to where the EKA CyberLock software is hosted, instantly downloading audit trail data and receiving updated access permissions. Some communicators are also designed to recharge rechargeable CyberKeys.

Communicators are so versatile that they can be mounted almost anywhere, maximising ability to control access to even the most remote assets.



20-key vault cabinet

CyberKey Vault key cabinets provide an intelligent way of controlling and dispensing CyberKey smart keys. Key vaults program and dispense electronic keys with customized access privileges based on time, date, and authority level.

Ideal for large facilities, this intelligent key cabinet stores keys in an inactive state.

An RFID card or PIN code is required to activate a CyberKey and when a CyberKey is returned to the vault, it automatically deactivates with a full audit of the CyberKey activities downloaded to the CyberAudit.

authoriser keypad

An authoriser keypad is a durable, weather-proof unit that is fitted to the exterior of a building or facility.

Users present their key to the authoriser and enter a PIN code to obtain permission privileges.

It can be installed in remote areas without a computer (inside or out) such as a hallway or employee entrance.

validikey 2 vault

This vault can hold and program up to two CyberKey smart keys. It has a door that locks to secure the keys until an approved RFID card is scanned or a mission number is entered on its display keypad.

After verifying the mission from its internal cache, the ValidiKey 2 programs a key with that user’s permissions, unlocks the door and prompts the user to remove the key.

usb station

In a smaller office, when your CyberAudit might only sit on a desktop, a simple USB station port is a cost-effective way to authorise keys.

mini keyport

This smaller version of the authoriser keypad can be employed when the additional security of keypad and PIN codes are not required.

It can be installed in remote areas without a computer (inside or out) such as a hallway or employee entrance.

cyberkey vault

The CyberKey Vault houses a single CyberKey. The unit is an extremely secure, rugged, outdoor vault that stores an un-programmed CyberKey.

When approved credentials are presented, the CyberKey is programmed and can then be removed from the vault.

cyberaudit link app

The smart device app enables each user to activate & deactivate a CyberKey Blue 2 in-situ, as well as communicate with CyberAudit, allowing real time audit reporting and update of permissions.