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Fully Electronic vs Hybrid Electronic Electro-Mechanical Key Systems

Fully Electronic vs Hybrid Electronic Electro-Mechanical Key Systems

Fully Electronic vs Hybrid Electronic Electro-Mechanical Key Systems

Electro-mechanical master key systems have been created to bridge the gap between the traditional mechanical master key system and access control. They combine the simple installation of a mechanical master key system with the functionality and centralised administration provided by cabled access control.

As with every product we buy, be it a brand new car or a new computer, not all are created equal and not all offer the same features and benefits. The buyer needs to consider the features and benefits and investigate the pros and cons of these within the various products to identify which product best suits their requirements.

This article will focus only on systems that use electro-mechanical cylinders designed to replace conventional mechanical cylinders. There are two main approaches used to produce these types of electro-mechanical key systems. These are,

1. Fully Electronic

2. Hybrid Electronic

To read the pros and cons of each system, view real world examples, and see our top 15 questions you must ask before choosing your next system.

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