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Capability Overview

Electronic Keying Australia (EKA) is a division of Davcor Group Pty Ltd (Davcor)

Established in 1985, Davcor is one of the largest diversified hardware and security distributors in the southern hemisphere. Davcor specialises in the design, manufacture, sourcing and distribution of security and associated products. The company employees 60 staff and with office locations spread across Australia, New Zealand, and Taiwan.

Over the last 15 years, Davcor has focused on moving from pure distribution to developing and manufacturing its own products that is suitable for the existing customer base and developing new markets. During this time, Davcor has released countless security locking products many of which have patent protection and are typically under the Carbine brand. Coupled to this, are agencies that Davcor markets to both Australia and New Zealand. Agencies include Keyline key machines and key blanks, Lagard safe locks, Kaba AG safe locks, EVVA restricted master key systems and CyberLock.

One of the largest diversified hardware & security manufacturers & distributors in the southern hemisphere.



The Davcor Group consists of seven divisions that distributes to different market segments including Lock and Key Co, HFH, Freshware, Lencare, SmartLock Digital, EVVA, and EKA CyberLock.

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Organisational achievements

Product Patents

In the past 10 years Davcor has registered more than 50 product patents. Many of these patents are used in the new product offering that are developed for our customer base. These patents are available in master key systems, cupboard locks, padlocks and high security locking devices.


Acrobat, a range of flipbolt mortice locks primarily for aluminium doors
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Padlocks, a complete range high security padlocks.
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Armadillo a specialised locking hasp.
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Sigma X

Sigma X, innovative restricted keying system
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Management profiles

Marc Cohen
Managing Director
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Geoff Plummer

Business Manager
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Rene Mataverde

Technical Support Leader
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Mark Thomas

Lead Developer
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Silvana White

EKA Client Management
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Selected clients

Davcor has installed literally thousands of systems be they CyberLock, Safe locks or high security master key systems. A selected list of EKA customers have been provided below