EKA | CyberLock



many locks

one control interface

Until now, if you installed different types of locking systems you had no choice except to operate and manage them independently.

Sitting side-by-side, the result is more expense, more operational work for facility and asset managers, and more opportunities for security breaches.

EKA CyberLock solves this through a system that can deliver single, unified access control.

Through a hub called Flex, EKA CyberLock is able to integrate with and manage virtually any other access control device that uses a Weigand compatible input device-from RFID,

to electronic swipe and HID, Maglocks, electronic strikes, and even bio-metric devices, all managed under one unified software platform.

One system for many locks: indoors, outdoors, mobile and remote.

the power of flex

  • Activate a video or still camera when a door is accessed
  • Open a door with an RFID card, using a PIN pad or combine them for more security
  • Sound an alarm or trigger an alert with a push of a button or when a door is left open for more than a set amount of time
  • Secure a gate with a CyberLock padlock (when using the Flex system to program a CyberKey which then opens padlock)
  • Activate a light when a door is opened. The light can be at the door for safety or at a security office as an indicator
  • Program a lobby door or employee entrance to lock and unlock on a set schedule

flex is needed to:

initiate / revoke access priveleges

monitor access and trigger alarms

generate audit reports