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Maintaining Robust Physical Security

Maintaining Robust Physical Security

Maintaining Robust Physical Security Practices To Ensure Cyber Security

As the worlds of utilities and infrastructure become increasingly digitised, it’s critical that cyber security practices are best in class. An important part of ensuring cyber security is maintaining the physical security for critical infrastructure assets.

Watch the on demand webinar that discusses the latest developments in cyber and physical security with experts from the Australian utility, security and cyber industries.

During the event, our speakers will consider questions including:

The implications of the amendment to the Security of Critical Infrastructure Act (2022).

Are physical and cyber security distinct disciplines?

How should group security, cyber security, and risk management interact with each other?

What role does industry have in ensuring the resilience of Australia’s critical infrastructure?

What technologies are used in physical security today across utilities and infrastructure in Australia?

What are some new approaches to unifying and standardising physical access controls?

How does integrating systems streamline access management and reduce the administrative burden?

Meet the Speakers

Paul Day
Director – Operations Compliance, Equinix Australia

Paul currently oversees several portfolios including compliance, security operations, environment health & safety, business resilience and regulatory affairs. Prior to Equinix, previous roles included Head of Security Operations for Qantas and Jetstar, EL2 role for the Department of Prime Minister & Cabinet, Team Leader in Australia’s Air Security Officer Program and a member of the NSW Police Tactical Operations Unit. Paul has a masters in Terrorism & Security Studies and is a doctoral candidate at Charles Sturt University.

Ben Beard
Managing Director, Mithril Security

Ben has a distinguished career in the security industry having worked many years as a Protective Security Advisor in the Australian Government’s T4 Protecting Security directorate. He has led the complete revision of the Australian Government Technical Notes which serve to provide best practices to agencies for constructing security zones and meeting overarching government policy. Ben is now the Founder and Managing Director of Mithril Security, which aims to deliver information and skills to those who need to comply with government security requirements.

Aaron Lincoln
National Business Development Manager, Davcor (EKA CyberLock)

Aaron has been working in the security industry for over 27 years, applying his skills with various established companies across ACT and QLD. Aaron is an experienced locksmith by trade and has been in management roles working with major clients on physical security projects. Working directly with security consultants and asset managers, Aaron now specialises in the implementation of electro-mechanical access control systems for industries including government, corporate and critical infrastructure.

DAVCOR, EKA and CyberLock

Established in 1985, the Davcor Group is one of the largest diversified hardware and security manufacturers and distributors in the southern hemisphere. Davcor Group specialises in research and development, wholesale distribution of locks, associated hardware and access control systems. The Davcor Group consists of seven divisions that distributes to different market segments including Lock and Key Co, HFH, Freshware, Lencare, SmartLock Digital, EVVA, and EKA CyberLock.

Employing a dedicated team of over sixty people across Australia and New Zealand, the Davcor Group prides itself on great company culture, proven and reliable brands and technology, and a superior state of the art fully automatic robotic systems for picking and packing to support our channel partners.

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