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Sustainability at EKA CyberLock

Sustainability at EKA CyberLock

Sustainability at EKA CyberLock

Oil is a critical resource with a wide variety of uses but how we manage, process and dispose of our oil waste is significant in supporting our sustainability beliefs. Here at EKA CyberLock, we value sustainability as a societal goal and have taken steps to prevent wasteful practices by recycling and reusing oil from our in-house oil filtration system. These sustainable practices help minimize the carbon footprint of CyberLock access control systems.

How we recycle and clean our waste oil

CyberLock uses oil to cool and lubricate the metal parts being cut for certain products such as CyberKeys, CyberLocks and vaults. Once the products have been cut, the discarded pieces of metal and brass, called “wet chips”, are put aside to start the filtration process.

A special machine called a PRAB machine, which handles and processes scrap metals, will grind up the wet chips and push them to the sides of the spinning centrifuge, while the oil covering the chips travels to the bottom of the machine. The oil is collected and transferred to a filtration machine to begin the cleaning and restoration process.

The filtration machine will continuously circulate the oil until it’s in its cleanest form and ready to be used again. The filtration and recycling process ensures that toxic, dirty oil will not end up in our oceans, rivers or groundwater and promotes the sustainable reuse of resources.

We regularly test the recycled oil for impurities and the results show it to be cleaner than newly purchased oil!

DAVCOR, EKA and CyberLock

Established in 1985, the Davcor Group is one of the largest diversified hardware and security manufacturers and distributors in the southern hemisphere. Davcor Group specialises in research and development, wholesale distribution of locks, associated hardware and access control systems. The Davcor Group consists of seven divisions that distributes to different market segments including Lock and Key Co, HFH, Freshware, Lencare, SmartLock Digital, EVVA, and EKA CyberLock.

Employing a dedicated team of over sixty people across Australia and New Zealand, the Davcor Group prides itself on great company culture, proven and reliable brands and technology, and a superior state of the art fully automatic robotic systems for picking and packing to support our channel partners.

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