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The Synergy of Security

The Synergy of Security

Marked by rapid digitisation, the intersection of physical and cyber security and digital advancements is reshaping the critical infrastructure landscape. This white paper examines the intricate relationship between physical security and the digital realm, unveiling the impact of technological strides, the rise of cyber threats and how you can best prepare your organisation.

It delves into the Security of Critical Infrastructure (SOCI) Act, exploring recent updates and their implications, particularly the Critical Infrastructure Risk Management Program (CIRMP) and the need for an all hazards and more comprehensive approach to addressing emerging threats and security strategy.

Said threats are outlined, covering traditional threats such as negligence, espionage, terrorism, and the emerging and escalating challenges of cyber attacks. This paper incorporates real world examples to highlight the significance of not only the threats but the need for a well rounded security policy.

The concept of convergence is also extensively explored throughout this paper. The realignment and converging of departments as well as the integration of security networks play a pivotal role in compiling, executing and managing the security of a critical asset and this paper highlights the need and why behind the necessity of convergence.

The exploration of security frameworks such as Security in Depth and strategies such as 3D2R (Deter, Detect, Delay, Respond, and Recover) is also discussed. What role these frameworks play in the effectiveness and successfulness of security policies as well as insights into how to apply and manage them. Under the effective frameworks section, the importance of organisational responsibility, accountability and the need to continuously improve is also examined.

We have several industry experts who contributed their knowledge and comments to this paper:

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