EKA | CyberLock



Second generation rechargeable CyberKey with highly durable fiberglass-reinforced casings.

The CyberKey USB is an electronic key used to operate CyberLock cylinders. It has memory that contains encrypted access codes, a list of locks it may access, schedules of authorised dates and times it may access locks, and a begin-end date range during which the key will operate. The battery from a CyberKey energises the electronics within a CyberLock cylinder.



Communication:Via the key tip, infrared port within the key tip, and micro USB port
Fiberglass reinforced nylon, replaceable brass tip

Operating Temperatures: 32° to 122° F, 0° to 50° C
Dimensions: 3.22” L x 0.65” W x 1.63” H (81.8 mm x 16.5 mm x 41.4 mm)
Weight: 1.27 oz (36 g)
Power: Rechargeable lithium ion polymer
Memory: 4 MB for up to 12,000 audit trail records and 3300 locks or 12,000 audit trails and 12,000 locks with optional lock list filtering SEM
Recharging: Via the key tip or micro USB port
Communicator Link: Generation 2 communicators such as the ValidiKey 20 vault, ValidiKey 2 Plus vault, and station, USB Station with CyberLink 2
Visual Indicators: Red and blue LED indicator lights top, bottom, and back
Audio Indicator: An embedded speaker