EKA | CyberLock

The Site Security project, which involved the upgrade of locks and keys across the BAI Communication’s extensive network to an EKA Cyberlock technology, has just been completed.

Taking 9 months to complete, this was the first part in delivering BAI’s enhanced Site Access capability. BAI Communications are now able to better control who accesses their sites and when, through the use of electronic keys and locks, enabling access remotely in alignment with approved site access request processes. This means a securer network for customers, contractors and employees. It also means simpler management of keys, with one key configurable to access all sites and zones (across gates, huts, towers). This means that contractors and visitors are only able to access the site at the predetermined times. In this way, they will adhere to the safety restrictions that may be in place for their visit.

Safeguarding our people, sites and services through the national deployment of EKA CyberLocks & Keys across our network.

PART 1 of delivering BAI’s seamless, end to end and automated site access capability.

PART 2 is underway, watch this space.

The second part of the program is now underway, to deliver an on-line App to seamlessly manage all site access related activities, from applying for access to logging on and off site.

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