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Electro Mechanical Webinar Utility Magazine

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Find out how electronic master key systems are changing the way utilities think about security

During this free webinar in May 2021, a panel of security experts discussed the pros and cons of electronic master key systems for utilities and large facilities.

We heard how these electronic master key systems are influencing the security landscape with the focus on the ways utilities and facilities are leveraging the functionalities of these systems to enhance security, increase efficiency and reduce risk.


About The Panel

Geoff PlummerExecutive Business Manager, Davcor

Geoff’s expertise is in the design and support of electro-mechanical physical security devices. He has worked in Australia, New Zealand and South East Asia developing physical and electro-mechanical locking solutions for banks, retailers, utilities, and all manner of facilities. Geoff is responsible for the launch of the first commercially viable electronic master key system in Australian and New Zealand over 21 years ago and has been involved in the deployment and support of 100’s of systems to this present day.

Paul AkhurstFacility Manager

Paul is a facility manager who has worked in the UK, Netherlands and Australia. His expertise is in strategic and operational planning, and team building, he is passionate about the built environment and its impact on our lives. Paul has installed electronic keys in a number of buildings.

David BadkeSecurity Risk & Governance Specialist, Major Queensland Utility

A security risk management professional with over 17 years’ experience managing assets across financial services, retail and the utilities sectors. David has extensive experience in the deployment from the initial concept through to installation and then ongoing administration of electronic master key systems within the utility sector.

Laura HarveyManaging Editor, Monkey Media [Moderator]

Laura has almost two decades of experience in publishing, marketing and running events in the B2B sector. Over the past year she has hosted multiple webinars and virtual conferences, using her industry knowledge and expertise to warmly connect with both the presenters and audience, consistently creating engaging online events that inform and entertain.


DAVCOR, EKA and CyberLock

Established in 1985, the Davcor Group is one of the largest diversified hardware and security manufacturers and distributors in the southern hemisphere. Davcor Group specialises in research and development, wholesale distribution of locks, associated hardware and access control systems. The Davcor Group consists of seven divisions that distributes to different market segments including Lock and Key Co, HFH, Freshware, Lencare, SmartLock Digital, EVVA, and EKA CyberLock.

Employing a dedicated team of over sixty people across Australia and New Zealand, the Davcor Group prides itself on great company culture, proven and reliable brands and technology, and a superior state of the art fully automatic robotic systems for picking and packing to support our channel partners.

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