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The Lost Wax Process

The Lost Wax Process

The Lost Wax Process

What does the Bronze Age and EKA CyberLock have in common? The Lost Wax Process, of course. The Lost Wax Process is the oldest metal casting technique known to man and dates back to the Bronze Age, and this is the exact process that CyberLock uses today to manufacture a wide range of its products!

The simplicity and versatility of this process allows CyberLock to make products with accuracy and precision, however, it is not a quick process. The procedure of casting melted aluminium into a mould is a 16 and a half hour cycle and uses a number of in house machines such as melting furnaces and kilns.

How does the Lost Wax Process work?

The process begins by creating a wax model with the exact measurements and dimensions of the CyberLock component. Next, with careful preparation, the sides of the flasks are taped so the satin cast cannot escape through its porous sides. Flasks are containers with holes in the bottom that allow the wax to melt out from inside the mould.

The mould, which is made of satin cast, is mixed with 70-degree water at precise measurements until it is a thick, creamy consistency. Then, the satin cast is placed into a vacuum chamber to remove any air bubbles that could disrupt the shape of the mould. The mould and wax contained inside the flask are then placed in a de-wax machine that will apply heat over a period of time until the wax is drained and dissolved, leaving behind only the hollow mould.

After removal from the de-wax machine, the flasks are moved to bake-out ovens to excrete any left-over residue and moisture. Flasks are then taken out of the bake-out ovens and prepared with a splash ring, ensuring the melted aluminium will not overflow or spill out. The flask is placed under the pour spout, where liquified aluminium is ready to fill the hollow mould. Lastly, the flasks are set aside until the aluminium is solidified in the desired form and the investment is removed from the mould.

This process is used on a variety of different CyberLock products, with the only procedural change being the shape of the mould that the wax and metal will fill.

Why the Lost Wax name?

The Lost Wax Process receives its name from the fact that the wax is destroyed by the end of the process and is only used once to make the mould.

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