EKA | CyberLock

Ave Maria College


Access Control Challenge

Ave Maria College was using a restricted master key system. Yet there were constant key management concerns and challenges. Different users required multiple keys, leading to a situation where it was easiest to just give everyone a master key which opens up many security concerns and lack of audit trail.

Access Control Solution

The Ave Maria College business manager, Allan Thompson, researched solutions to provide better key management. Ave Maria College decided to roll-out EKA CyberLock in small, easy-to manage sections to meet budget requirements and ensure a smooth transition. The staged installation occurred in three sections: the library as a trial site; all external doors; all internal doors. A remote Key Validation Point was installed at the completion of the second stage in a central location, so staff could update their access profile without visiting the Property Manager’s office. EKA CyberLock has given Ave Maria the flexibility to design specific access levels for the different users of the college. The tailored access, coupled with the instant ability to delete lost keys, has vastly improved security whilst providing a comprehensive audit trail.


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