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Geoff Plummer
Geoff brings over 30 years of experience in the security industry across the APAC region in senior management roles. With demonstrated leadership, a passion for implementing best practices, and a customer first approach, Geoff is a frontline contributor to EKA CyberLock and the Davcor Group.
Silvana White
Silvana is an outcome focused member of the EKA CyberLock team. For the past 6 years she has been working with both dealers and customers to ensure they realise the full value of the EKA CyberLock range and value of our customer service. Her main focus is on relationship management and delivering a high level of customer service backed with the knowledge and understanding of the clients needs and their specific requirements enabling them to get the value in their investment of EKA CyberLock.
Rene Mataverde
Rene has a degree in Economics but started to work in IT to pay for it. He forgot to leave and now has close to 2 decades of Server and Database Administration experience in the Financial sector. At Davcor, when he’s not supporting EKA CyberLock customers, he’s honing his information security and cloud environment skills while trying to keep his desk tidy.
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