EKA | CyberLock

New Zealand Post


Access Control Challenge

Subcontractor clearance agents are required to collect the mail from New Zealand Post’s network of street receiver boxes during scheduled hours, multiple times a week. New Zealand Post had no way to determine when mail had been collected. Security was also a concern. Each route includes 20 to 30 street boxes and sometimes clearance agents service multiple routes. If a key was lost, all the locks in that series of street boxes had to be re-keyed at great expense. Also, the time required to re-key the boxes put customer mail at serious risk.

Access Control Solution

New Zealand Post began looking for a system that would allow them to monitor the service performance of the subcontractors in clearing mail from their street receiver boxes. “We selected EKA CyberLock because it was cost-effective and met our requirements in terms of measurability and auditing”. New Zealand Post implemented a successful four-month trial of the system in Wellington. Following the trial, they converted 3,500 of their street receiver boxes to EKA CyberLock electronic locks. “EKA CyberAudit management software allows us to perform audits over the network and manage the performance of our subcontractors, even at remote collection sites. Also, we can disable a key relatively quickly, should one be lost. CyberAudit management software provides daily reports of box clearance times and exceptions such as attempted access to a box outside the scheduled collection time.” “The EKA CyberLock system has greatly enhanced the security of our customer mail and allows us to manage subcontractor service performance.”


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